Live and Bloom though Health

Batch #1: Specialty Cookies

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A Cookie that Flourishes

To be happy and healthy is a great motto, but what if you can find both inside of a cookie? We are a transparent brand that sells organic cookies using local ingredients. We pride ourselves on educating our guests about the importance and the value of quality ingredients=quality products. So go ahead and satisfy your cravings, treat yourself to one of our cookies. Your body will thank you for it and flourish from the inside and out.


We work especially hard to create innovative recipes that uphold the integrity of our ingredients. We're not trying to alter or change it by adding excess sugar or preservatives, but rather picking the ripest fruits and let them shine on their own. There is a sense of familiarity with our cookies knowing that many of the ingredients were harvested only a few miles away. We want you to indulge in our flavors and enjoy what you're eating because you know what you're eating and where they came from. Snipped from my garden, baked in my kitchen, packaged, and sent to you with love and care.    


 Batch #2 : Vegan Cookies

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"Local and Fresh ingredients that you can taste in every bite"

โ€” The Flourish Cookie Co.

Batch #3 : The Classics

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Flourish is building a community, making connections, inspiring healthy lifestyles, and supporting entrepreneurs. Flourish Cookie Connoisseurs are all those involved in the movement. They are the hustlers, the gardeners, the foodies, artists, and anyone who loves cookies. They are us as much as we are them. Welcome to the team! 

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